Sitemap - 2020 - the B|E note

The Other Reason Why Black People Will Need to Take The COVID-19 Vaccine

The Myth of Too Much Relief

A Plan to Destabilize Cities & States

WATCH #Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep16

Not All COVID Vaccines Are Created Equal

How Do We Have A Vaccine Conversation ... With People Who Don't Trust It?

The 18 Seditious Republican AGs Who Tried to Overturn the Election ... & Police Reform

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, episode 15

#Proximity Alert: Access to conversation w/ Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins at 3pm ET TODAY

Is Coronavirus the End of Fracking?

#Proximity Alert: Access to conversation w/ NY Senator Kevin Parker at 4pm ET TODAY

#Proximity Alert: Taking Vaccine & Declaring Racism as a Public Health Crisis

Black Communities Must "Both-And" on Police Violence ... & Community Violence

#Texture w/ Ellison, Groff & Hancock, ep. 14

The 2020 Hurricane Season Was a Record Breaker

Introducing: #Proximity

A Quiet & Destructive Illiteracy Crisis

The Case for a Coalition Government

Republicans Did Not Lose Big in 2020

#studyBE: Black People & Vaccines; Student Loan Debt & Race; On Thin Ice

Life & Hip-Hop: The Complex Relationship Between Music & Politics

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep. 13

Did The Polling Mess Up That Bad?

WITF Presents: A Conversation on Race & Identity in Media

WITF Presents: A Conversation on Health Disparities | 11.19.20

#studyBE: What The Next President Inherits | Can Police Reform Reduce Crime? | Leading on Climate Migration

Will The Electoral College Choose Trump?

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep. 12

Policing & Safety: Defund or Deconstruct?

#BlackEdChat: School Districts Must Keep It Agile

Why White People Need to Stop Black-Friending Issues

How To Be An "Ally" (... or Much More)

We Told You The Electoral College Is An HBCU

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep. 11

What Happened To That Urgent K-12 Conversation?

Is This Headed To The Supreme Court?

Was There Partisan Bias In The Local Administration of the 2020 Elections?

How To Counter Trump's "Stop the Vote" Play

America Won't Do Landslides Anymore

Who Was Voting How? (Part I)

Blaming Black Men

One Day Left ...

WURD Launches Special #WURDonPolitics Special Election 2020 Coverage

#Texture w/ Ellison, Groff + Hancock & Thomas-Morgan, ep. 10

This Is A "We" Election

(studyBE) Housing Inequality, Political Violence, Black & Brown Workers Left Behind

Black Men & Trump

#ecoWURD: A Discussion w/ Emily Atkin

Less Than a Week to Go ...

Why Are Guns Always the Default Option For Police?

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep. 9

#BlackWomenVote Poll: What Are They Saying?

(studyBE) Inclusive Cities; First 100 Days of K-12; "Sociophysics" Predicts 2020

Which U.S. States Are Hit Most Often By Hurricanes?

Black Men Voters Are Not the Kids in the Back of the Classroom

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep 8

Trendency's Update on the 2020 Vote

(WITF) Environmental Justice is About Health, Human Rights and Self-Determination

17 Days More ...

WURD's 2nd ecoWURD Environmental Justice Summit

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep 7

VP Debate Afterthoughts: What About K-12 and Childcare?

(RSVP) Race & Identity in the Media

Is It Just 26 More (& Long) Days To Go?

Forget about Trump's Recovery. What About the Rest of Us?

Ruling By Minority

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep 6

The Persistent Black-White Unemployment Gap

(WATCH) Remote Learning: Is This Just For Pandemic? Or ... Is It The Future?

(BEbooks) RISE UP: Confronting a Country at a Crossroads

Are The Next Two Debates Even Worth It?

(WATCH) A Conversation on Race, Elections & Voting

(REGISTER) The State of Black D.C. & Maryland

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep5

Voters Still Feel This Race Is a Tie

(LAST CALL) Remote Learning: Is It Just For Pandemic or Is It The Future?

A Kentucky Strategy

The State of Black D.C. & Maryland

(REGISTER) Remote Learning: Is It Just For Pandemic or Is It The Future?

The Negro Whisperers

Black Voters Are The "Eco-Voters" Climate Activists Are Looking For

Playing Election Games With Stimulus

WATCH: Explaining Environmental Justice

49 Days Till Election ...

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep3

Angry Americans

Jacob Blake and Systemic Sterilization

56 Days Till The Election ...

Nicetown [Chapter One]

Fear, Narrative, Politics, and the Policy of the Winner

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, Ep2

22 Tips To Reduce Threats to Our Votes ... Before November

Revisiting the Facts on Vote-By-Mail

Should Joe Biden Run The Same Plays as Donald Trump?

Are You Better Off Now?

Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, Ep. 1

REMINDER: Food Insecurity - How Do We Feed Our Communities?

REGISTER: Food Insecurity - How Do We Feed Our Communities?

WITF Presents: A Talk on Environmental Racism

At Top of RNC Week, The State of the Race

Mail-in Voting Does Not Cause Fraud

Looting in Chicago & Black Lives Matter

She Who Keeps Culture ...

WURD To Host FOUNDER’S DAY As Live Broadcast/Virtual Event

REGISTER: Global Protests & Movement Politics

How to Increase Black Productivity & Racial Equity

As DNC Starts, The State of the Race

REGISTER: Discussion w/ "The Color of Law" Author Richard Rothstein

How Low Will Republicans Go?

WATCH: The 2020 Census & Race(ism)

Becoming Our Ancestors' Wildest Voting Dreams

The 2020 Census & Race

We Finally Got a Black Woman Running Mate

Murky Blends of Truth, Lies & Beliefs

Are There Too Many Black Non-Voters?

(REGISTER) Black Business: What's the Survival Plan?

LISTEN: Recent "Reality Checks," 8.3.20 ...

Food Insecurity Rising

HR For A New World Order

The Media Must Correct Trump’s Election Disinformation (Not Spread It)

Should Reparations Provide Income or Create Wealth?

LISTEN: Recent "Reality Checks" on WURD, 7.30.20

CAP CORNER: The Nature Gap

CITIZEN: Beating the Heat

LISTEN: The Latest "Reality Checks" on WURD ...

WATCH: Race & Housing (7.30.20)

The Destruction of Unemployment Benefits

The Power of Narrative (& The End of Democracy?)

Heat Waves Remind Us That Climate Change Is Still Real

Is #StopHateForProfit the Big Reckoning For Facebook?

WATCH: Racial Trauma & Black Mental Health

Wage Increases Disguised As Tax Cuts

WATCH TONIGHT: Racism in K-12 Education

Trendency: Biden Leads, But Not Much Change Over Past Month

Making Sure People Can Eat During Pandemic ... & How HBCUs Could Help That

Citizen: Cracking the Youth Voter Code

Public Internet Should be a Right ... Not a Utility

1890 Universities Welcome New Federal Funding For Centers of Excellence

There is No Such Thing as Economic Equality

(WATCH) A Conversation on Systemic Racism

Did Trump Commit Treason?

WATCH 7.2.20: Black Mental Health & Trauma

Trendency: Americans Are Leaning More Towards Opening Up The Economy

In Policing, Prevention is the Best Medicine

Creating a Black Diaspora Currency

Watch the Federal Judges

Biden is Ahead .... But, Don't Sleep on Trump

"Toward Racial Justice" - A Virtual Community Conversation on Systemic Racism

Is A "Black Revolution" The Answer?

George Floyd Was Also a Victim of Coronavirus Inequality

Beware of Brands in a Moment Like This

(UPDATED) Are You Ready For The Next Disaster?

(REGISTER) Are You Ready For The Next Disaster?

Inequality Is Worse During Pandemic

Do You Know What "Defund the Police" Means?

(WATCH) Keeping Police From Attacking Black People

Bad Theology is Killing Us

Where Are The Black Leaders?

(REGISTER) Black People Under Attack - What's the Policy Change?

Seven Things To Watch This Week ...

(REGISTER) Pandemic Return Policy

But ... No One's Been Arrested

#AfterThought: Caprice Young on Universal Student Broadband

(WATCH) Going Outside: "How Do I Protect Myself?"

Wait ... Did Trump Just Lose Texas?

The Obfuscation of "#YouAintBlack"

You Can Wear the B|E, too ...

The Risk of Exclusion to the Political Economy

Trendency: The 2020 Vote Thru COVID

(UPDATED) Voting In Pandemic Microsummit

(REGISTER) Voting In Pandemic: The Fight Against Voter Suppression

REGISTER: Voting In Pandemic

Rent Strike 2020: It's Not The First Time

Most Americans: We're Good With Shutdown

#Afterthought: Adia Wingfield on Race & Pandemic Unemployment

theGrio: Outraged Over Ahmaud & Breonna? Channel That Energy Into a Vote

Brace Ourselves: Pandemic Will Accelerate Automation

REGISTER: Going Outside - So, How Do I Protect Myself?

So, What About Child Care?

Is Trump Instigating Civil Unrest?

WATCH: #RealityCheck on WURD TV, 5.5.20

Trump & The Republican Senate Is In Trouble ... & They Know It

#AfterThought: Rashawn Ray on Black Economics During Pandemic

WATCH: COVID-19 Communications

Senate and House Financial Committee Leaders Silent on Recent Federal Reserve Actions

What a Post-Pandemic Future Could Look Like

Watch: COVID-19 Health Equity Gaps

Public Comfort Levels After Lockdown (Part II)

If Restrictions Were Lifted Today, How Comfortable would you be to … (Part I)

COVID Communications: How To Talk With Your Communities During Pandemic

I'm Not Debating Trump Supporters Anymore

B|E Note #AfterThought: A Conversation w/ Anoa Changa in ATL

COVID-19 Healthcare Gaps: Testing and Treatment Disparities on Black & Brown Populations

Lost Income & The Anticipation of More Loss

B|E Note #AfterThought: The Role of the Black Church During Coronavirus

B|E Note #AfterThought: NY State Sen. Kevin Parker

How Are You Spending the Holidays?

#WorshipWithoutWalls: Reimagining Worship & Social Connection During COVID-19

Nah, Dr. Fauci: There's a Lot We Can Do About COVID-19 Hitting Black People the Hardest

UPDATED: Who is Actually Social Distancing (and Who’s Not)

Who is Actually Social Distancing (and Who’s Not)

In the Coronavirus era, the Information Engineers Will Win

From Katrina to Coronavirus, What Have We Learned?

COVID-19 Shows A Bigger Impact Where Black People Live

We Should Use 'The Race Card'

Fri., 4/3 Zoom Panel: COVID19 School Closures

Trump’s Last Stand Scenario

COVID-19 Forces K-12 to Think and Act Agile

The Coronavirus Conversation Has Got to Get a Lot More Inclusive

Coronavirus as the Ultimate Voter Suppression Tool

Is All Remote Work Equal?

Don't Let Coronavirus Break the Supply Chain

#BEprepared: Coronavirus Response Activities

Underdog Season: Takeaways from Super Tuesday

Here's Your Quick Super Tuesday Primer

Removing Black Children From Racist Public Schools

Biden as the Obi Wan Kenobi of 2020

#BEpolls: How does South Carolina Look?

Lincoln Park Strategies-WURD National Black Voter Poll Results

Comparing Commutations: A Story of Real Numbers on Trump's Big Clemency Day

#BEpolls: Looking at Nevada's Current Polls & Demographics

#BEpolls: Where Things Stand Before Nevada

Philly is Key to Trump's Pennsylvania Strategy

Black History Month Isn't Working

Whether Iowa Is First or Last Makes No Difference To Black Voters

Thanks, Iowa - Now More People Don't Trust Elections

Seven Events Clash to Define the Next Decade - In Less Than a Week

Biden is Beatable - but, so is Bernie (Part II)

Biden is Beatable - but, so is Bernie (Part I)

#BEpolls: With Iowa Next Week, What The Democratic Primary Looks Like Nationwide

No, Republican Senators Can't Be Persuaded

#BlackEdChat: In 2020, We Must Demand a Black Education Agenda

The State of (Q4) Dollars in the 2020 Democratic Primary

How Much "War" We Talking About?

How to Talk to Kids About Race in America