WITF Presents: A Conversation on Health Disparities | 11.19.20

Lack of Access to Care and Health Professionals of Color Lead to Disparities

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Health equity involves providing every person, regardless of location, religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or gender identity and expression, the same opportunity to live their healthiest life and reach their full potential. But when it comes to health, Black and Brown populations experience significant disparities with chronic conditions, access to care, preventive screenings, and mental health. Join Toward Racial Justice Thursday, November 19 at 7pm LIVE on WITF’s YouTube channel for a discussion about the importance of addressing health disparities and the work being done to close the gaps.

Panelists include …

Dr. Sharee Livingston, DO — Ob/Gyn Department Chair at UPMC Pinnacle in Lititz, PA and Patients R Waiting board member (Click here to read her bio)

Dr. Kevin Ahmaad Jenkins, PhD — Speaker, author, scholar, and lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania (Click here to read his bio)

Dr. Oralia G. Dominic — Highmark Blue Shield (Click here to read her bio)

Jenny Englerth — President/CEO of Family First Health in York, PA (Click here to read her bio)


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