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The B|E note is a frequent zoom-in/zoom-out curation of thoughts, brainstorms and inclusive public affairs analysis. It is a laboratory capturing the trends, events and policy changes affecting diverse, distressed and front-line communities. Published content arrives from a variety of exclusive sources, including policymakers, researchers, strategists, and community-based experts.

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The B|E Note is a media project from the minds of B|E Strategy, a strategic media, messaging and communications firm operating in Washington, D.C.

Charles D. Ellison is Principal and Chief Strategist. Dian Ellison is Co-Principal and Senior Strategist.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the B|E Note are those of the authors and organizations submitting to the B|E Note and do not reflect the official positions, opinions or views of its Publisher or that of B|E Strategy, LLC

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