#BEpolls: With Iowa Next Week, What The Democratic Primary Looks Like Nationwide

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With still a dozen candidates in the Democratic Party’s nomination race for president, the upcoming Iowa caucus on February 3rd promises to act as a make or break moment for nearly half that pack. Meanwhile, Joe Biden still maintains something of a lead, although it’s not as solid as it once was - but, while this isn’t popular opinion, keep in mind that Biden was showing signs of a bump in Iowa, a conversation we weren’t having a few months ago. Elizabeth Warren has faltered a bit (is it the spat with Sanders?). Mike Bloomberg is on the rise, check in on Super Tuesday. And few know what to do about Bernie Sanders other than to wait and see (still, voters GenX and older prefer Biden). Andrew Yang is just happy he qualifies for the New Hampshire debate.

Here’s the Morning Consult survey thus far …

Here’s RealClearPolitics averaging it out …


And, 270toWin jumps is in the averaging game …

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