Greater public awareness around equity and racial justice issues is forcing state legislatures to rethink - & overhaul - their approach to policymaking and governing
New HIT Strategies poll shows that even older Black voters, typically stalwart supporters of Democratic party candidates, are falling off
Impacted communities now must pivot fast and pivot hard in the wake of a fatal legislative blow to the Voting Rights Act
How Trump, Biden and Their Surrogates Have Spun COVID and Why Good Guys Are So Bad at Spin
During a week typically characterized by the sanitizing of King's core philosophy, it's about time people get angry, stay angry and use it for lasting…
The "Black Exodus" from cities like Chicago, D.C., San Francisco and elsewhere is a growing concern in many metropolitan areas
Two devastating and deadly apartment fires in two major cities in the span of less than a week highlight illustrate how much America's housing situation…
A Philadelphia resident's response to an oped about the city's war-zone violence rate urges local politicians to stop ignoring the systemic root causes
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