#BEpolls: Looking at Nevada's Current Polls & Demographics

Days ahead of its caucus, race will also be a key determinant in the outcome. How might that play out?

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With the Nevada Democratic Party caucuses for president arriving on Saturday, February 22nd, it might be important to take a quick look at what that electorate looks like. Key polls have already dropped showing some fresh shifts in Democratic voter opinion since Iowa and New Hampshire. The racial demographics in that state, and others, are among the most important.

Here’s a reference set of averaging for that exercise …



Here are more granular and recent individual polls since the beginning of February …

Las Vegas Review Journal

Data For Progress

Point Blank Political

Beacon Research


A look at the state’s demographic profile, compared to other early states …




This is a snapshot of the 2016 caucus entrance polling by gender, age and race, how that broke down. Black (13%), Latino (19%) and Asian (4%) accounted for a combined non-White 36% of that caucus electorate …