Sitemap - 2019 - the B|E note

Increasing Black Sovereignty

Changes in Opinion During The Impeachment Hearings

Post-Kamala, Drastic Shifts In Black Voter Mood

What Stands Out In These Articles of Impeachment

Articles of Impeachment ... and The State of American Civics

How Democrats Are Keeping Black People Out of Primaries

Democratic Primary: Where Things Stand Week of 12/8

Black Presidential Candidates Can't Stay in the Race By Themselves

Deep Down Inside, Democrats Want a Tyrant

How To Tackle a Dropout Crisis Head On

Poll: Most Americans Want to Be Counted in 2020 Census

#BEbooks: "Whitelash" - an interview w/ Terry Smith

Using Eminent Domain as an Environmental Justice Tool

Democratic Debates Are Very Senior Moments

How to Have an Urgent 2020 Census Talk

The Census is the Most Important Thing in 2020

So, What Exactly is a Crime?

Enough with the Nixon Impeachment Comparisons

The Link Between Incarceration & Food Insecurity

Democrats Have One Job .... & They're Screwing It Up

Observations from Black Voices for Trump

Six Questions Media Should Relentlessly Ask Republicans

A Different Conversation on "Charter Schools"

More than a Few Thoughts on 2019 Elections

Mississippi Governor’s Race Taking Place Under Jim Crow-era Rules

The Demographics of Impeachment

#BEonPolls: A Pre-#DemDebate Look at the Field

#BEonPolls: 2020 is Still Very Uncertain

The First Black Media Outlet to Hold an Environmental Justice Summit

Trendency: Support for Impeachment Rises

Bringing Black Teachers Back Into the Classroom

The Streaming Wars Enter a New Phase

School Buildings Are Infrastructure, Too

Black Migrants Should Ignore the Election Noise

The Black Church Needs an Honest Prayer

Trendency: Changes in Opinion Around Impeachment

If You Don't Remove Trump, Just Disqualify Him

We Need Political Strategists Leading on Climate Change - Not Scientists

Is the Black Press Reporting on Environmental Issues?

Representative Democracy Has Failed Black People in America

Perceptions on Why Black Students Are Falling Behind

College Tuition as the Ultimate Racial Barrier

A Very White Global Aging, Future of Work Debate

Before Philly Shootout, Nicetown Wasn't All That Nice

The Blackest States Are The "Worst States to Have a Baby"

A Winnable Gun Debate

Dropping The Term "Domestic Terrorism" - Because It's Worldwide

"Gun Control" Advocates Must Overhaul Their Talking Points

Hotter Summers = Increases in Violence

Not Everyone is Equal During Heatwaves

What Could Happen on November 4, 2020

Warren & Harris Rise Amid Democratic Discontent

Are Upcoming ICE Raids Also Targeting Black Mayors?

How Americans View the Rise in Drug Prices

Black & Brown Voters Own the Electoral College ... They Just Don't Know it, Yet

The Corporation Serves the State ... Not The Other Way Around

Where Are We Now?

Two Nights That Didn't Revolve Around the Oldest White People in the Room

Crowded Stage, Awkward Moderators & Noisy Twitter

Biden-Obama Relationship Presents a Considerable Moat

A Fresh Normalization Cycle For Trump

Are Charter Schools Good or Bad for Black Students?

The Environmental Racism Dimensions of One Gas Plant Explosion

How Long Will Black People Have To Wait To Be Truly Liberated?

The Boeing Backstory That's Being Overlooked

America’s Economy Must Better Serve Black and Latino Consumers

The Beginnings of Endings For Some

It's Still Not Below 40 Percent

A Closed Mouth Don’t Get Fed

Battling For Third Place

Democrats Still Have a Turnout Problem

Still Not a Justice System For Most of Us

The Rise of Work and the Fall of Pensions

#PhillyFarmSocial: WURD Hosts First Environmental Justice Social Event

A Biden Dip. And Is There a Mayor Pete Surge ... or a Warren One?

Our Schools Are More Segregated - And More Discriminatory - Than Ever

What "Game of Thrones" Shows Us About Political Communication & Narrative

How Many Candidates Does it Take to Screw a Primary?

Crafting a True Reparations Plan (But, First, Don't Call it That)

Do Black Folks Overestimate the Power of Their Vote?

The Black Community Needs a New Political Law Game

Biden Surges Further Ahead, "Mayor Pete" Hits a Black Wall

The Economics Behind Senate Dysfunction

(LIVE TODAY) Decoded: Black Youth & the Technology Sector

Black Movements Should Not = Reduced Black Political Power

Black Student Challenges (The Day After #NationalCollegeDecisionDay)

Sanders Is Slipping, Warren Shows Game

Let the Teens Vote

Voter Suppression is Voter Suppression

Is Joe Biden the "Blackest" Candidate in the Democratic Primary?

After 51 Years, Fair Housing Still an Unfinished Journey

With Biden In, What's the Field Look Like?

Mixed Feelings on Climate Change (for some)

Democrats Have to Impeach, Right? Why They're Afraid To

WURD Broadcasts First Major Philadelphia Mayor's Debate TODAY

A Big City Mayor's Black Problem

We Need an Urgent Black Education Dialogue

The Political Origins of Measles Outbreaks

A Week of Black History Distortions

Get Ready: Federal College Aid is Getting Slashed

When Will We Start Prosecuting White People For Abusing 911?

Game Theory: Stacey Abrams Teaming Up With Joe Biden?

What Does the "Green New Deal" Mean For Black People?

K-12 Isn't Showing Up on the 2020 Chalkboard

Key Takeaway From #MuellerReport: Keeping the "Old Boys Club" Intact

One Reason the U.S. Isn't Such a Healthy Nation: Racism

Voting Green

Reparations: By the Polling Numbers

Where Meek Overshadowed Mumia

(Self) Sabotaging Black Presidential Candidates

"If Obama Did That ..." A Conversation on the 25th Amendment

How Political Will the Courts Get?

Not Just Flint ...

Wait a Sec ... What Happened to "$5.7 Billion?"

The Fallacy of NOT Seeing Race

A Lack of Trust in Dying Black Media

Black Voters Between The Rock and The Hard Place

A Congresswoman's Bad Form on Social Media

Democrats Should Team Up With the Military on Climate Change

America Has a Hate Problem ... It Needs Solving

Black Voters & The Political Geography of Climate Change

8 Plausible Plays in Virginia

In SOTU (& the Response), Climate Change Isn't There

Beyond "Blackface" - 4 Troubling Implications of the Virginia Fiasco

Major Wins for Land Grant HBCUs in 2018 Farm Bill

Just #SayItsClimateChange

Black Women & The Trouble With Baby Powder

The Shutdown Spotlighted Some Desperate Economic Indicators

Is It Really Worth It?

#Slavery, Smaller Government & Public Distrust

Citizen: More Trees, Less Crime?

Can't We Just Sue Congress?

Rhetorically Dismantling the Border Wall & Building Public Consensus

Citizen: Violent Areas Are Hungry Areas

Republicans Actually Have Some Shutdown Leg Room

The Primary Goal of One #FakeBorderCrisis Speech?