Black Women & The Trouble With Baby Powder

Research into linkages between baby powder and cancer put unwanted spotlight on Johnson & Johnson

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From EcoWURD …

Johnson & Johnson represents a global $350 billion dollar empire from a 133 year old legacy of success with hygiene, hair and health care products. Yet, it’s facing over 11,000 more lawsuits in the coming year and troubling public charges that one of its more famous products, baby powder, is giving numerous Black women cancer.

Baby powder has always defined Johnson & Johnson’s success. But, in recent years, it has found itself embroiled in revealing lawsuits and billion dollar payouts to numerous cancer victims over allegations that it knowingly marketed a carcinogenic product with no warning labels. A barrage of legal problems are mounting, including foreign bribery, consumer fraud, illegal marketing and cover-ups.

Black women are, unwittingly, at the center of that controversy. Meanwhile, J&J is fast expanding into Africa as questions emerge over how its products may have become a public health crisis for Black people in America.  

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