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The Education Conversation We Should Be Having

The History of Black Banks

The Office in the "Post-Pandemic" Era

The Fight for Fugitive Humanity

Build Back Better Died. So, What's Next?

It's Okay to Push Climate Politics When Disasters Strike

Don't Underestimate the Role of Violent Crime in 2022

How Kamala Transforms Vice President Harris

Superstition Ain't The Way

A Government Shutdown's Worst Casualty: Confidence

Want to Help HBCUs? Help Pass Build Back Better

The Moneyball Approach to Metropolitan Growth

The Rittenhouse Verdict is a Domestic Terror Alert

Short-Changed Black Colleges Fight For Equal Funding

Selling Black People on The Infrastructure Act ... as It Goes State & Local

Who Does the Public Really Blame for Inflation?

B|E Strategy = Decades of Expertise in Public Affairs and Creative Advocacy

The Federal Poverty Line is Off

Will the "Critical Race Theory" Fight Lead to the End of Hip Hop?

How Will Government Spend the Infrastructure Money?

The "Love Jones" Paradox

"COP26" = Climate Optics Porn

Unpacking "Critical Race Theory"

We Have an Executive Order, Now What?

Why Do Democrats Try to Lose Elections?

Did You Forget We Have a Housing Crisis?

Clean Energy Would Actually Lower Your Household Energy Bill

Mass Transit Could Be Hotter Than This

How "Build Back Better" Could Have Been Sold ... Better

$3.5 Trillion is Actually Cheap

ecoWURD Summit: Nature Can Fix a Violence Crisis

Republicans Like to Defund the Government & the Economy

Inside Higher Ed: "Biden’s Promise to HBCUs Unfulfilled by Congress"

Where is the Political Zero Tolerance for Black Lives Not Mattering?

Gun Violence in America is Nothing New

What Exactly is "Urban"?

How Those New iPhones Keep Us Broke

WATCH: The Value of HBCUs in the 21st Century

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated States (... of America)

The Value of HBCUs in the 21st Century

(Un)Happy End of Emergency Unemployment Benefits Day

What's Next For American Urban Development?

We Can't Keep Ignoring Our Homeless Crisis

The Afghanistan Obsession Briefly Explained

Understanding the "Cryptoverse"

131 Years Later: 1890 Land Grant HBCUs Survive & Thrive

As Ida Hits, We're Still Ignoring Climate Crisis

Evictions & The Rental Assistance Awareness Gap

H.R. 4 Passed the House ... So What?

WATCH: Reparations as the End of Racism

WATCH: Unpacking "Critical Race Theory"

No One Could Ever Tame Afghanistan, Anyway

Youth in Prison Systems

Fixing Healthcare For Low-Income Households

Congress Takes Way Too Much Recess

Figuring Out Cuba's Future

The Correlation Between a Surging Pandemic & The Infodemic

What Do Cities Do About New Growth?

Forcing Our Way Into The Space Debate

Do We Need a More Forceful Vaxx Chat?

The Vaccine Access & Hesitancy Talk is Really Complicated

The Heat Jokes Aren't Funny

1890 Universities Community Mourns the Passing of Dr. Fred Humphries, Sr.

#VaxxChat: How Do We Have a Better Conversation?

The Remarkable "Critical Race Theory" Response of General Milley

(WATCH) Reparations: What Would That Look Like?

Did Making "Juneteenth" a Law Open Up a New Door to Reparations?

Reparations: What Would That Look Like?

Agro-HBCU Leaders Address Congress This Week

Tackling Food Insecurity? Fund Agro-HBCUs

You Can't Have a Remote Work Debate Without Remote Work Research

Finding More Funding for Agriculture HBCUs

Tracing Black Ancestral Roots

WATCH TODAY: Tracing Family History

In Search of a Manchin Workaround

We Need More Black People in Agriculture

How Much Does California Hate Its Black & Brown Students? Ask Its State Legislature

How Democrats Should Be Approaching 2022

Are We Going to Talk About Homelessness?

Tricky Polling & Campaign Contributions Explaining U.S. Response to Israel

It's Not a "Labor Shortage" - It's a Wage Shortage

Black Farmers: Land, Wealth, Food ... & Racism

Black to School? Reimagining K-12 Education

Congress Introduces HBCU Infrastructure Bill

WATCH: 2021 Philadelphia District Attorney Candidates Debate

Black Farmers: a Struggle for Relief ... and a Future

Five Signs That We're Still In The Woods

WURD Hosts Major Philadelphia District Attorney Candidates Debate on May 12th

Yeah, Nah: Liz Cheney Is Not Your Hero

Back To School? Re-Imagining K-12

When Pandemic Ends, Pre-Pandemic Education Should End With It

Tim Scott's Rather Effective Political Trap

Tax Revenue: Perception vs. Ideal (vs. Reality)

Takes On Biden's First Speech Before Congress

We Can't Turn The Census Clock Back

Are Mass Shootings An American Epidemic?

HBCUs Are The Pathway to Next Generation Prosperity

Cannabis Equity & BIPOC Business

Gerrymandering as Non-White Containment Tool

Biden's Infrastructure Bill is Actually Mad Cheap

Lowering Chauvin Trial Expectations

Confidence in State & Fed Response Improves

What Do We Do When a Nuclear Bomb is Dropped on Voting Rights?

Biden's Education Policy Should Be Equitable ... Cindy Marten Isn't

Voting Rights & Mental Health

Multiracial Family Dynamics

REGISTER: Voting Rights Threat Assessment

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep.25

But, What About an Assault Weapons Ban?

Voting Rights Threat Assessment: Georgia

A Discussion w/ DNC Chair Jaime Harrison

Leading the Next Generation of Women in a Global Economy

A Guide to the $1.9 Trillion Recovery Bill

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep. 24

The Inequities in Education Funding

Rise of a New COVID Confederacy

One Thing Holding Democrats Back on Minimum Wage

Our "Social Justice" Moment Missed a Spot: Education

Public Health vs. Economic Concerns

Conscious Brainwashing ...

The Life Cycle of Black Urban Neighborhoods

#Texture w/Ellison & Groff, ep22

Biden's Immigration Policy as Voter Enfranchisement

COVID-19, Trust & Vaccines

Old School Fossil Fuel Economy vs. New School Clean Energy Economy

Looking Ahead to 2022 (Senate Map)

Reopen Schools? Boycott Them, Instead

Virtual HBCU Campus Tours This Week

#Texture w/Ellison & Groff, ep 20

Most Americans Think COVID Response Will Get Better Under Biden (... But Many Uncertain)

TODAY: Our Environmental Future

Wearing a Mask Is Trending Up

When Do We Reach Full Education Equity?

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep 19

Incitement to Violence is Rarely Explicit

What's Suddenly Wrong With Putting Harriet Tubman on the $20 Bill?

Who's Running the Senate, Anyway?

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep18

Could COVID-19 Actually Save Democracy? ... (Or Just Make States More Defiant?)

That Other Crisis We're Ignoring: Education

What Should Biden Do? Start, Simply, With Good Governance

Want Vaccine? Move to a White State

We Don't Need a "Minimum Wage." We Need a "Livable Wage"

#Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep17

Keep Eyes on State Legislatures - Voter Suppression Didn't Go Anywhere

Republicans Show No Signs of Getting It

2/3 of the Earth's Land is About to Lose Water

Defund the Police? Purge Them, Instead

WATCH #Texture w/ Ellison & Groff, ep17

The Calculus of Black Housing Decisions

Investigate (and Fire) The Capitol Police

Will Democrats Pull It Off In Georgia?