Sitemap - 2022 - the B|E note

Countering the Anti-Immigrant Conversation

REGISTER: Plastic Waste is Getting Really Bad ... & Unhealthy

Equity is the Solution to Climate Crisis

Why Everyone Should Worry About the Latina Pay Gap

Who's Making All That Climate Economy Money? Part I*

"That Was Way Too Tight" ....

B|Estates: Reimbursing Non-Emergency Transport in AR. Truth in Politics in IL. Ending Appraisal Discrimination in NJ.

REGISTER: Unaffordable Housing: How Do States Step In ( ... & Step Up)?

Reimagining the Role of Technology in K-12 Education

B|Elisten: When Companies Get Rated on Equity. How Universities Plunder Cities. How to Flip a State Legislature.

B|Estates: Affordable Insulin in IL. Investigating Election Subverters in PA. Increasing SNAP Payments in DC.

"Hate Crimes" as Asymmetric Civil Warfare

B|Estates: Enforcing Civil Rights in DE. A Jail Construction Moratorium in MA. Urban Tree Planting Resources in NY.

How Urbanism Got Hijacked

Too Many Americans Keep Missing Out on the Earned Income Tax Credit

*B|Estates: With AZ Results In, Here's What the State Government Map Looks Like Now

B|Edigress: "Wakanda Forever" Imagines & Builds It

*B|Estates: A Quick Look at 2022 State Races

We Saw It Coming ...

2022: What Does All This Energy Suggest?

B|Ecourts: The End of Affirmative Action in SCOTUS. Ending Child Labor in AL. Shutting Down Armed Right-Wing Groups in NM.

Twitter: Flowing Rivers of Hate Speech

B|Estates: Health Statements in Credit Reports in DC. Postpartum Medical Assistance in PA. Destroying the Federal Government in VA.

REGISTER: The Black Church & The Midterms

Being a Racial Economic Justice Voter

Groundbreaking Inclusionary Zoning Study & Report Released

Pay Attention to 2022's Ballot Measures

This Could Have Been The Year of the Education Voter


Less Than a Month Away, the "Race" Tightens

REGISTER: Black Wealth Data Center Tour TOMORROW

Here's How Democrats Retake the "Violent Crime" Narrative

B|Estates: Repealing Use of Force Standards in IL. Requiring Psych Evals for Firearms in NJ. Automatic Low-Income Energy Assistance in NY.

B|Ecourts: The Future of Overtime in SCOTUS. Mail Ballot Problems in PA. Eliminating Late Fees in San Francisco

AP: Fight for Black Voters Intensifies in Close PA Senate Race

We're Solving Philly's (& Everyone Else's) Violent Crime Problem Tomorrow

Guaranteed Income is Needed Now More Than Ever

B|Estates: Condemning 'Gender Videos' in MI. Fossil Fuel-Free Standards in MA. 'Divisive Concepts' in MO.

We Need to Make Climate Crisis Political

Will the Supreme Court’s Legitimacy Crisis Be Its Downfall?

B|Experts: Child Tax Credits; Baby Bonds; Racial Wealth Divides, etc.

B|Ecourts: 'Independent State Legislature' in SCOTUS; Abortion Ban in IN; New Self-Defense in King County

Why Aren't We Stopping the Landlords?

Prosperity Summit in Atlanta Holds Its First-Ever Media Symposium

Let's Talk About Black Non-Voters

Largest Ever Black Wealth Data Center Launched

The War for Housing Security

Prosperity Summit 2022 in Atlanta on 9.19.22

Ending the Racism That is Student Loan Debt

The World of esports is Not Inclusive

We Are the We That We Need

BEstates: A Tax on Guns in CA. Ending Algorithm Discrimination in DC. The Right to Read in IL.

"The Africans Sold Us" Is One of the Greatest Anti-Black Tools Ever Used

Umm, Yeah: Biden's Student Loan Announcement is a "BFD"

Congress Went on Recess - But The Kids Keep Missing Out

No, Climate Crisis Didn't Go Away Because the IRA Became Law

BEstates: Sedition as a Crime in PA. Appraisal Discrimination in NJ. Rental Credit Reporting in MA.

Prosperity Now Applauds Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, But ...

BEstates: A Fast Food Council in California. Racial Impact Statements in Michigan. Rent Tax Credit in New York

What Happened to Addressing Inequality?

Monkeypox & The GOP Attack on Public Health

How States Tackled Housing in 2022

Taking "Urban Heat Islands" Seriously

Whitelash & Accountability

Want to End Gun Violence in Philly Now? Save it Block by Block

A Tyranny of the Minority

Do Democrats Really Need White Voters?

The American Ideological Apartheid System is Here

Umm, Yes, The "Roe" Decision is a Problem for Black People

If You Want to Stop Murders in Chicago ...

Beware The Commodification of Our Culture

The Flooding That Does Discriminate

1890 HBCUs Are On The Front Lines of Climate Crisis

Climate Scientists Need to Get a Lot More Political

What If There's No Such Thing as a Public School?

Does it Cause a Shift?

Maybe Do This & Gentrification Hurts Less

Holistic (& Not So Stupid) "Mass Shooting" Conversations

Make All "Mass Shootings" Political

Philly's Black Vaccination Rates Remain Low

A Smart Nation Invests in Itself

How To Stop Another Buffalo

It's Time To Know The Difference Between "Remote Learning" & Virtual Learning

#WURDonPolitics: Democratic Candidate Debate for U.S. Senate Seat in Pennsylvania

How Much Has Social Media Evolved During Pandemic?

(REMINDER) States Can Fix the Housing Crisis

(EVENT) Unhoused: Can States Solve the Housing Crisis?

Masks Don't Kill People. COVID Does.

The Cost of Domestic Violence During Pandemic

KBJ Made It To The Court. So, What's Next?

Climate Disaster Reports We Can't Understand

Reparations Must Be Harms-Based

Biden's Misfire on Gas Prices

When The Fed Raises Interest Rates, Where Will We Feel It?

Virtual Learning - Done Right - Makes K-12 Equitable

Ketanji in the Middle

2/3 of Philadelphia Residents Fear They Will Be a Victim of Violent Crime

Understanding The "Black Tax"

SOTU In a Nutshell: Ukraine Happened & White Middle Class Priorities

Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Has Everything to Do With White Nationalism & Climate Crisis

REGISTER: Industry & State Partners for HBCUs

#ecoWURD Presents: "Environmental Justice PA" Launch

The 1890 Universities Foundation Celebrates 5 Years

Black Voters Need Biden to Prioritize Voting Rights ... & Sour on Democrats in 2022

For Black Teachers, Local Context Matters

HBCUs Face Bomb Threats .... & Funding Threats, Too

Republicans Try to Create Biden's Lani Guinier Moment

Democrats Get An Opening ... If They Use it Right

In Search of "Equitable Governance"

Biden & Democrats' Approval Numbers Slipping Among All Black Voters

What Happens After the Death of the Voting Rights Act?

The Plays of the Pandemic

Nixing Community Service in Favor of Constructive Anger

The "Black Flight" Phenomenon

A Needed Reckoning on Housing

Gun Violence Doesn't Just Happen On Its Own

Is Your Elected Official an Insurrectionist? Disqualify Them