Sitemap - 2023 - the B|E note

One Week Before Hitting The Debt Ceiling, Politicians & the Public Agree on Little

Lessons From the American Workplace as Pandemic Officially Ends

The Rise of Anti-LGBTQ+ Hate in the Legislatures & Media

Debt Ceiling: Does the Economy Collapse ... or Just Continue to Inflate?

Philadelphia's Tap Water Has a Trust Problem

How Do States Address the Teacher Shortage?

We've Been Having the Wrong Human Microchip Conversation

One Key Reason Why the Expulsion of the Two Black Tennessee Representatives Was a Good Thing

Can $500 Billion in Federal Clean and Green Tech Investments Close the Racial Wealth Gap?

You Know We Could Just Replace All The Plastic With Mycelium

Investing in Black Women-Owned Business Gets Us Closer to Economic Justice

We Should All Pay Attention to the Planet's Ocean Coral Reefs

How Did Broadcast TV News Cover Environmental Justice Last Year? (Part II)

How Did Broadcast TV News Cover Environmental Justice Last Year? (Part I)

The Role of Disinformation in the Ukraine War Over a Year Later

My Body, Their Choice: The Economic Devastation of Overturning Roe

Chat GPT: New Wonder of Artificial Intelligence … or a Tempting Curse?

Black People are the Key To Stopping the Climate Crisis

HIT Poll: Black Voters on Police Violence & Gov. DeSantis Destroying Black Studies

Until the Economy Works for Black Women

Several Problems With the Politics of the Ohio Train Derailment

B|Estates: Water-Neutrality in HI. Electric Vehicle Taxes in ID. Federal Funds for the Census Undercounted in IL.

"Our Planet Needs More" - Introducing the Emerson Collective Climate Cohort

An HBCU-Led Discussion on Closing the Racial Wealth Gap

When "NIMBY" Became the New "N-Word"

We Can't Stop Police Violence Without Stopping Economic Violence

Why Does the Superbowl Have More Healthcare Than America?

B|Estates: Eliminating the Death Penalty in DE. Expanding Election Police in FL. Hemp Farming in GA.

It's Time to Talk About Electoral Reform

HIT Poll: Majority of Black Voters Think Biden Should Run In 2024 ...

We Can't Celebrate Black History Month ... Until We Protect Black History

B|Estates: K-12 Climate Studies in CA. Dependent Allowance in CO. A Right to Affordable Housing in CT.

You Really Want "Justice for Tyre?" Don't Make the Same Mistake Again

Microsoft Webinar TOMORROW: Promoting DEI in Academic Research ... with HBCUs in the Lead

When You Close Gaps in Data You Close Racial Wealth Gaps, Too

B|Estates: Ending Abortion in AK. No Pronouns in AZ. Concealed Carry Permits in AR.

The Debt Ceiling & the End of the Republican Party(... ?)

This is How We Achieve "Racial Healing"

Gentrification is Going National. Here are 7 Ways to Stop It.

Enterprising Black Orlando Roundtables Launch 1.11.23

Fixing Up Homes Reduces Gun Violence, New Study Shows

Thoughts on a Week of Open Disrespect Towards Black Public Officials

Keep Eyes on Where the Omnibus FY 2023 Funds End Up

In the New Year, from Climate Crisis to Climate Urgent