Over the years, Donald Trump has accused many people of committing treason. But, what about him?
Concerns over self-suppressed Black votes may be warranted, but putting all the blame on Black men for that is dangerous
The Electoral College will still be here in 2020. And it's all about "white nationalists" vs. everyone else
The revival of a plan to place the fearless abolitionist general on U.S. currency holds much more significance than just placating symbolism
Tearing down the wall that separates many Black churches from the beauty and pain of Black people
Race-neutral or “slavery lineage” eligibility for reparations versus a stronger harms-based approach means that White people and other non-Black people…
Calls to defund the police are less urgent - the bigger priority is to screen and flush out white terrorists infiltrating law enforcement.
... before Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Screws It Up
Spoiler alert: it's not "CRT." Black parents & other parents of color should build a movement against White conservative voices who seek to strengthen…
And they just might succeed
The state of the nation’s food is an issue long discussed and seen in many versions throughout history.
Lots of efforts to suppress the vote - let's talk through the efforts to combat it