The conservative minority now gets to dictate how all Americans live based on their world views. We are now in an age where policy is meaningless. This game is about power ... & nothing else
The perception that the recent Supreme Court decision on Roe v. Wade isn't a Black community issue is not only very problematic ... it's incorrect
Mass displacement & dislocation of Black residents is a vestige of slavery - & it could be dismantled and restructured into a new form of immediate…
... well, first, you need to understand why they happen in the first place
Capitalism ruins everything. It ruins perfectly good sayings, songs, sacred rituals & society by de-centering people and centering money instead. Black…
BEphilly: Black communities are more susceptible to storm water damage than their White counterparts. They also face more obstacles to recovery.
We can't put an end to the climate crisis and secure environmental justice without the research and talent pipeline support provided by Land Grant HBCUs
The people warning us about climate crisis also need to instruct people on how to become disruptive ecovoters in these 2022 elections
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